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Monday, 02 September 2013 09:40

61% Subscribers Still on SIM-only Packages: Untapped Market for Device Bundling

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RONAN DE RENESSEAnalysys Mason's Connected Consumer Survey 2013 Report by Aronan De Renesse highlights the importance of increasing smartphone penetration as a strategic move to enhance data revenues and retain market share. Eventhough smartphones are becoming increasingly popular and have became the driving force for both the high consumption of data worldwide and and the phenomenal growth in the use of web-based applications including video streaming and social media, the report suggests that operators still have to put in place measures to ensure the smartphone market keeps growing. According to the figures from the survey, non-smartphone owners might be difficult to convert: 61% were on SIM-only or prepaid subscriptions and 38% were waiting for their handset to break before replacing it. Owners of more than one mobile device and those who use their smartphone for 'tethering' use more data than smartphone-only owners, but do not go for higher data allowances, indicating the difficulties of mobile data monetisation. The Full Report can be purchased from Analysis Mason and covers, among others, the detailed analysis on smartphone penetration, loyalty and churn factors, factors influencing the decision to buy a smartphone, adoption of smartphone tethering, analysis of mobile data monetization and impact of shared plans on data usage. 


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